Vacuum Truck

Vacuum Truck

Hydro excavation ... faster, cleaner and more accurate than mechanical excavating

At Vacuum Truck, we are experts in the field of hydro excavation, sewer flushing and industrial vacuuming

How is Hydrovac Excavation different?

Hydrovac is a non-mechanical, non-destructive, non-invasive process that uses pressurized water and a high-powered vacuum to simultaneously excavate and eliminate dirt, rock and other buried matter, digging holes and trenches. The benefit to you is less mess, danger and disruption than with traditional backhoe excavation.

Unlike traditional methods of excavating, hydro excavation will not damage buried utility infrastructure and, when handled safely, poses no safety threat to operators, clients or the general public. With a boom-mounted vacuum on every truck , vacuum truck. can go where others can't, accessing both remote and congested areas quickly and easily without damaging the surrounding property.