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Vacuum Truck

At Vacuum truck we recognize that the health and safety of our people is the most important commitment we have. The pursuit of excellence in safety has become a culture through the development of a strong health and safety program. From senior management to frontline service technicians, our primary focus is to ensure each and every activity within our company is undertaken with the highest reasonable level of safety.

Starting from the initial orientation, we coach our staff through our safety policies and procedures and continually train them as they progress through their career. We consistently perform job safety analyses and conduct planned job observations to ensure all safety policies and procedures are being understood and adhered to. We believe that the most important aspect of our business is our people, and our company is dedicated to keeping them all safe every day.

Management is committed to providing proper equipment, training and procedures. Employees commit to following all safe work practices and job procedures, working safely, and, whenever possible, improving safety measures.

Everyone is personally responsible and accountable for working safely for our team, our customers and the general public.


 We deliver integrated vacuum truck services for virtually every industrial, municipal or residential requirement. From routine sewage hauling to complex cleaning operations in hazardous work environments, we have the equipment, experience, and trained personnel to get the job done.

Our fleet of vacuum trucks, based in Verner, On, vary in design and performance for specific applications. What sets us apart from other vacuum truck service providers is that most of our trucks comply with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and Transport Canada standards for safety, security and maintenance. But our service is not all about our trucks.

Our operators are highly trained in advanced vacuum truck operations and more importantly, the latest in safety practices. Because of the diversity of the jobs we are asked to undertake, we practice diligence in developing job specific operating procedures, job safety analysis and planned job observations. Operators are trained in  WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), H2S Alive, Norcat and CSE (Confined Space Entry) as a minimum.

Our vacuum truck service is backed by the rest of the team at Vacuum truck including professionals with expertise in safety, refineries shutdowns and emergency response. We have supporting equipment like  water jetting trucks, sewer cameras, septic truck vacuum, bulk liquid transport equipment and a host of other equipment. We can manage and have facilities to receive virtually any type of hazardous waste our vacuum trucks carry.

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